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We have several groups on Facebook where you can join others to discuss your favorite vacation destinations! 

General Code of Conduct for all of our Groups

  • Be kind or be quiet. We expect everyone to be respectful of others while participating in group discussion
  • Keep it rated -G-. We may have younger individuals in there. No profanity or adult content!
  • Do not PM other members without their permission.
  • No soliciting. This includes any type of advertising (blatant or covert). *note - the groups associated with the agency may have postings about specials and the occasional add for booking with us. You are NOT obligated to be one of our clients to participate in the groups. Just note that you may see agency specific content from time to time.
  • No Go Fund Me or other charitable requests without approval from the admins.
  • Violation of these rules will get you removed and blocked from the group without warning.

Family Vacation Destinations!

Join this group This group is for general discussion of family vacation destinations and suppliers.

Destination Disney!

Join this group This group is to discuss everything about Disney Vacations.  Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Land, Adventures by Disney, Aulauni Resort and Spa and more! Feel free to ask about planning tips and trick, experiences, and everything related to Disney travel.

Cruise Information with Wishing Star Concierge

Coming Soon! A group for all things cruise!

Universal Orlando Group

Coming Soon! Our group to discuss the Epicentre of Awesome!