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International Travel Tips

Wishing Star Concierge offers various international destinations through our supplier network. International travel requires the use of a Passport Book.  (Passport cards are not accepted for air travel.) Immigration documents vary among different countries.  

We will try to advise you on visa requirements for your destination.  However it is your responsibility to make sure that you (and each person in your travel party) have the required immigration paperwork for entering and exiting your destination country.  

This includes but is not limited to: passport, visas, vaccinations, criminal background checks, etc.  Again, these documents are your responsibility and the agency cannot be held responsible for denial of exit or entry from any country.

If you do not have a current passport, please make note of the processing times when you are planning your itinerary.  You will need to give yourself enough time to gather the documentation required to obtain a passport, get an appointment to apply for the passport, and get the passport shipped to you.  If your destination requires a Visa to travel, you will have to wait for the passport to be processed before applying for the Visa.  If your destination requires vaccinations or additional paperwork, you will need to allow enough time to get all items completed before traveling.

TSA Information

Get travel tips directly from the Transportation Security Administration.

Check out the TSA Travel Checklist to help you pack smart!

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